Military Work Dogs

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I think that servicemen and women should be allowed to keep their military work dog. These men and women have went through hours of training and have became very close to these dogs. These servicemen and women’s lives may not feel the same without these dogs. These dogs should not be treated as pieces of equipment, but should be treated as they would any other soldier. The dog’s and trainer’s bond has became very close over the many Years they have worked together.

These military work dogs are very loved by the servicemen and women who train them. I think the trainer should be able to choose to keep the dog or pass it on to another military member. These dogs provide a sense of comfort to soldiers that is truly irreplaceable. Yes,
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If they are wounded the dogs can give them the extra motivation to get better. The dogs can help the soldiers stay more active during their rehab process. The more physical activity the soldiers undergo the faster they will build muscle and that could make wounded soldiers feel better about their situation. These are few of the many benefits the servicemen and women will experience because of keeping their dog. Although I have my ideas, I can still see other people 's perspective on things. Here are some downfalls of soldiers keeping their dogs. the military loses up to forty-thousand dollars on each dog that is taken with their trainers. The military can save a huge amount of money if the dogs are given to new trainers. The dogs are such a valuable asset to the military they cannot afford to lose too many.

The dogs could cause many problems at home for wounded soldiers. The dogs could be hard to take care of for the servicemen and women. They could be very hard to feed and water. They could have a hard time being house trained and wounded soldiers may not be able to pick up after the dogs. We would not want our veterans to live in a disgusting environment because of the dogs. If the veterans are unable to let the dogs out the dog 's bathroom will become the house. This will cause an unsafe environment for the
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