Milk Advertisement Analysis

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A large proportion of people do not consume the minimum recommended daily servings of milk products. This problem has created a nationwide stir for increasing milk consumption and persuading more people to pick milk over other beverages. One such product is the “Got Milk” campaign, which uses celebrities to encourage younger customers to buy more milk products. “Got Milk?” campaign launched in 1993 by the California Milk Processor Board, which is funded by dairy products. The purpose of this campaign was to counter falling sales of milk in the U.S. as consumers were switching to health drinks, sports beverages, soft drinks, and other beverages. The very first advertisements used basic humor, but as the campaign grew, they began partnering with…show more content…
Body by Milk.” This is a great use of an ethos appeal because by using “smash hit” it makes Panettiere seem more credible since it talks about how she creates smash hits in her life whether it’s in her singing or acting career. In return it creates more credibility to Milk when the advertisement explains how her body is made by milk. To get her physical attractiveness, the viewer must drink milk. In the more fine text in the advertisement, it goes on to talk about how milk helps the body by saying, “the protein helps build muscle and and some studies suggest that teens who choose it tend to be leaner.” It goes on to explain how the protein and the calcium help make the body better and help in creating a body like Panettiere’s. The advertisement purposefully uses strong language, such as "build muscle" and "invincible" to relate milk to strength, leanness, and overall body appearance. In this advertisement, ethos is used twice, once where Hayden Panettiere directly is using her credibility to endorse milk, and the second is Milk indirectly using Hayden Panettiere to endorse itself. An ethos appeal is a very common way that advertisers persuade viewers to “buy” their product. Leading into the bold logo “Got
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