Milk And Honey Rupi Kar Analysis

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Rupi Kaur is a 25 year old female poet who has a hunger for the truth. She is not afraid to exploit the world for what it really is. Kaur is all over the place, but if you learn to go with the flow and use your imagination the pieces will begin to click into place. Poetry is sometimes a mystery, but isn 't mystery sometimes delivered in a way that is sometimes difficult to understand; isn 't that the true meaning of mystery? Conveying pain through paper seems to be easier than explaining ones pain vocally. Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey is not a simple read. Kaur does not typically use complex words in writing, but her complex format is somewhat difficult to follow. The formatting of Milk and Honey is exceptionally laid back. Kaur does not routinely capitalize her I’s or finish her sentences with periods. One of the many reasons why Kaur keeps her format relaxed is because of the way she started her career. Rupi Kaur evoked her career on Instagram. She would compose her thoughts into a small white box and post them to her social media page. Rupi Kaur completes her own illustrations and matches them to her literary work. When Instagram first materialized it provided a small canvas. Videos on Instagram now can be longer as well as captions and biographies. Kaur began her career on Instagram and the format in her book reflects that because of the early restrictions of Instagram. Rupi Kaur does not normally follow the status quo or the poetic norm. After watching some of Rupi Kaur’s
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