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Keyword – Get healthy lab blog : What is milk thistle tea? Introduction and history of milk thistle tea. Let us look at this amazing get healthy lab blog: What is milk thistle tea? This will give us the idea about the product, its history and amazing health benefits that it has. What is milk thistle tea? Milk thistle tea is a product that is made from a naturally occuring flowering herb known as milk thistle which is a plant from the daisy family. In some books and cultures it is also referred to as holy thistle or Mary thistle. This herb has gained a lot of popularity in the Europe, Mediterranean region and North Africa due to its amazing medicinal properties. Traditionally it has proven records for the treatment of digestive ailments and it is…show more content…
There are a wide range of benefits offered by milk thistle plant and the same can be acquired by creating milk thistle tea out of its extract. These health benefits are available in the form of natural medicine. Vitamins and minerals present in the milk thistle extract helps in healing and prevents several chronic diseases. Read on to learn much more about milk thistle tea and its health benefits. Liver disorders cure – since traditional times this has been the main use of milk thistle tea. It works in curing conditions such as liver cirrhosis by strengthening the liver cells and also by enhancing catalysis cell division that helps in the natural growth of liver. Reduces inflammation – this tea has been proven to be beneficial in the treatment of common ailments like headaches, body aches, migraines, join pain and arthritis. Preventing heart problems and managing cholestrol – with the help of the active ingredients present in the tea you can manage your cholestrol and blood pressure levels. This reduces strain on the cardiovascular system thereby reducing chances of atherosclerosis, heart attack and coronary heart

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