Brief Summary Of Ruth Dead

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• Robert Smith jumps of the roof of Mercy Hospital (No Mercy Hospital) hoping he can fly • Ruth Dead goes into labor at Mercy hospital, and she was the first black patient admitted there • Around the same time Guitar is ordered by a nurse to get the security guard at the admissions desk, and Guitar was a smart 6 year old as he realized her mistake spelling 'admissions' • A day after this Macon III 'Milkman' Dead is born • Macon does not give Ruth any love, and because of that she does things that make her happy, such as polishing a watermark on her dining table and breastfeeding 'Milkman', for longer than he should've, which is how he got his nickname as Freddie walked into Ruth breastfeeding Milkman • Macon is obsessed with money, and…show more content…
• We find out that Guitar is part of an organization called seven days which kills innocent white people for black people getting murdered • Milkman's sister Lena tells him that he is exactly like Macon in the way that he treats women and that there is no difference between them • Milkman prepares for his journey to Pennsylvania to find the gold • Promises to bring Guitar his fair share of gold • Milkman tells Guitar about how he needs the gold and the money from it to be independent and get away from his family • Guitar reminds Milkman of how he needs the money for his 7 days operation and to help Henry Porter • Milkman goes around to a couple people asking them if they know of a women named Circe • One person tells him to go to Reverend Cooper, as Reverend Cooper knows a lot of people in town • When Milkman goes to Reverend Cooper's house he is there and is welcoming towards Milkman, as he tells him that he knows his people • Reverend Cooper tells Milkman about the reason his grandfather was killed by white men • The white men felt that it was unfair for a black man to have such wealth, and in hopes of getting their property when he dies • When Milkman goes to the house Circe used to work in, she is there and really
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