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THE FOUNDER BY: ANDREW OSEGHALE Created in: 2016 Directed by: John Lee Hancock Producers: Don Hanfield Karen Linder Jeremy Renner Aaron Ryder Written by: Robert D.Siegel MAIN CAST Ray Kroc: Micheal Keaton Richard McDonald: Nick Offerman Maurice McDonald: John Carroll Lynchz Joan Smith: Linda Cardellini Harry J. Sonneborn: B. J. Novak Ethel Kroc: Laura Dern Fred Turner: Justin Randell Brooke June Martino: Kate Kneeland Rollie Smith: Patrick Wilson Jerry Cullen: Wilbur Fitzgerald SUMMARY Ray Kroc has worked as an unsuccessful salesman for most of his life. When he notices an order for a large amount of milkshake mixers in San Bernardino he decides to drive…show more content…
She kept all of his assets accept for any share in the business. He renames his company McDonald corporation then buys out the two brothers which puts mac in diabetic shock. He then gives them a "blank cheque" which they use to gain $2.7million, their original establishment and 1% of future royalties. Ray disagrees to give them 1% of future royalties then patents the McDonald name and opens a McDonald 's across the street of the two brothers which forces them to disband their business. In the end of the movie Ray Kroc is seen practising a speech in his mansion with his new wife, Joan. Management and Leadership A good business owner needs to have good managerial skills to run a successful business. The owner 's skills and techniques can affect the business 's progress and development. There are different ways to run a business and each of these examples have different advantages and disadvantages that could help or threaten the business. Tasks of a manager: To plan for the future of the business To organise human capital and natural resources that are needed for the business Lead employees to ensure that they can create a healthy profit for the…show more content…
Examples of business strategies that were used: Reduced overhead: In the beginning of the movie the McDonald brothers explained how they started their business to Ray Kroc. They thought of a unique way to reduce their expenses. Most restaurants were diners that had a theme to entertain their customers such as: roller skates and uniforms but those costs were expensive so the brothers decided to make their restaurant a "walk up" service so they would not have to spend money on waiters/waitresses and their employees ' uniforms don 't need to have a complicated design because their consumers barely see the employees. Speedy system: Because customers would have to wait in a line to order food the McDonald brothers had to create a unique way to reduce the waiting time so they created a well organised system that can allow their employees to work efficiently and

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