Milkshake Mixer Movie Analysis

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THE FOUNDER BY: ANDREW OSEGHALE Created in: 2016 Directed by: John Lee Hancock Producers: Don Hanfield Karen Linder Jeremy Renner Aaron Ryder Written by: Robert D.Siegel MAIN CAST Ray Kroc: Micheal Keaton Richard McDonald: Nick Offerman Maurice McDonald: John Carroll Lynchz Joan Smith: Linda Cardellini Harry J. Sonneborn: B. J. Novak Ethel Kroc: Laura Dern Fred Turner: Justin Randell Brooke June Martino: Kate Kneeland Rollie Smith: Patrick Wilson Jerry Cullen: Wilbur Fitzgerald SUMMARY Ray Kroc has worked as an unsuccessful salesman for most of his life. When he notices an order for a large amount of milkshake mixers in San Bernardino he decides to drive to California to investigate. There he meets Maurice (Mac) and Richard (Dick) McDonald; the owners of a very popular walk-up fast food restaurant, McDonald 's. The McDonald brothers give Ray a tour of their unique establishment and give him an insight on how the business is run. He invites them to dinner where the two brothers explain to him how the business started. With this knowledge Ray suggests that the business should be a franchise because of its unique system. After eventually convincing the brothers to expand the business, he signs a contract with the McDonald brothers that states any changes made to the business must be negotiated with the McDonald brothers in writing. At first Ray 's intention was to tempt investors from a

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