Milky Way: Galaxies Organized And Distributed Within The Universe

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1. Describe the Milky Way. What does it contain? The Milky Way Galaxy is a gigantic and it is where Earth is located. It has a halo, however that you can’t really see it. It has over 200 billion stars it’s quite dusty and gassy. It is spiral galaxy.
2. How are galaxies organized and distributed within the universe?
Galaxies are distributed randomly within the universe, however are grouped together with the help of gravity.
3. How is gravity important to the galaxies within our universe?
Gravity holds galaxies together. The motion of all the material in the Universe is affected by gravity. Gravity helps the galaxies rotate and the planets in the solar systems orbit.
4. How do galaxies vary? Galaxies vary based on size, composition, and structure, however most all of them are arranged in clusters. The majority of galaxies are one of three major classes: spirals,
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How are galaxies created?
Some people believe that shortly after the big bang collapsing gas and dust clouds might have lead to the formation of galaxies. Galaxies form only a few hundred million years after the Universe was created.
3. How was Hubble important to our understanding of galaxies?
He was first to prove the expansion of universe and he classified galaxies. He is also known for providing evidence there were actually galaxies beyond the Milky Way.

4. How does the Milky Way compare with other galaxies within the universe?
It’s a spiral galaxy of the larger sort and middle aged compared to other galaxies. There are many galaxies in the Universe that are much bigger and older than the Milky Way.

5. How do gravity and dark matter shape the galaxies and affect their environment?
Many people think that dark matter may make galaxies rotate faster. Gravity pulls gas and dark matter together. No one knows what the dark matter really is though. People can see the effect gravity by watching the movement on stars and light that move through space, but no one has been able to actually see

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