Milky Way Theory

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The Milky Way

There are galaxies like between 300 billion and 500 billion in the space. One of them is the Milky Way. The first time Democritus explored the Milky Way in 450 - 370 B.C. Democritus thought that the Milky Way is composed the hundreds of stars. Then Aristo researched the Milky Way. Aristo's ideas about the Milky Way were token shape with combustion of stars. Then Ibn-i Heysem, Ibn Bacce, Ibn Kayyim El Cevziyye explored the Milky Way. The first time Galileo Galile explored with a telescope. The Milky Way can be detected in this line even with a small telescope.(Dame & Hartman, 2000). Gelileo Galile realized to the Milky Way composed the billions of stars. Then Thomas Wright prepared a hypothesis about the Milky Way. Thomas Wright
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The Milky Way have a specific structure and a lot of spatial structures, there are analyzed involving six steps.The Milky Way is barred spiral galaxy. Concentration of star shaped bar in the center creates the shape of the galaxy. The Milky Way has 50 billion years spiral pattern rotation period. The Milky Way has between 15 billion years and 18 billion years bar pattern rotation period. Speed relative to CMB rest frame is 552 km/s. The Milky Way is the second largest galaxy in the local group.Andromeda Galaxy is bigger than the Milky Way. Mass of the Andromeda Galaxy is 7×1011 solar masses (Mo). The Milky Way's steller disk approximately 100,000 light years in diameter and 1000 light years thick. Mass of the Milky Way is 5.8×1011 solar masses (Mo). Sun's distance to Galactic center is 26,000 light years. Sun's Galactic rotation period is 220 million years. Escape velocity at Sun's position is 550 km/s.This step, stars will be investigated.The globular clusters in the Milky Way have proven through this century to be irreplaceable objects in an amazingly wide range of astrophysical studies.(Harris, 1996). The Milky Way contains between 200 billion and 400 billion stars. The oldest known star is 13,2…show more content…
There are 6,000 stars that can be observed from Earth. Sun is the nearest star from the Earth. Stars appear in the sky at night.Our distributions reproduce the observed extinction of starlight, which varies depending on the interstellar environment through which the light travels.(Weingartner & Draine, 2001). Stars do not appear during the daylight because of Sun. The reason why the Star's shine is the fusion reactions.The mass density ratio of interstellar dust to neutral hydrogen is simply proportional to the observed dust to gas ratio.(Pei, 1991). The Star's age, mass, chemical composition is determined with Star's shine. The mass of a Star determined the Star's development and time of death. The most of the Star's have age from one billion to ten billion years.The Solar System has a planet where there is a life. The Solar System locates in the Milky Way and the Solar System has 26,000 light years from the center of the Milky Way. The Solar System has known to be life a unique planet. This planet is the Earth. The Earth has a satellite. This satellite's name is Moon. Also, the Solar System has 181 satellites. The Solar System has nine planets. These are from the sun in order of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,
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