Millennia War Changes

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History takes place because changes occur throughout both past as well as current civilizations. Much of the past has succumbed to change because of an apparent impersonal force, war. Through war, many advances arise allowing new civilizations to begin as well as old civilizations to fall. Over the course of several millennia, war has brought both beginnings as well as ends to several dynasties in China as well as shifts in religion across Islam.

War in all civilizations has been an important driving factor for conquest as well as a gain in wealth. Expansion cannot exist without conflict. Throughout the past, many civilizations which are conquered are taken into the territory of the conquering power. This is true for nearly all past societies: China, Islam, India,
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For example, in China, individual families as well as lists of emperors are recorded throughout all dynastic changes. By taking note of those who pass and those who come to be, the individual is recording the history of the culture. It can also be claimed that individual persons invent certain technologies that start a change to the known world surrounding them. From the invention of cotton farms to the first ideas of war strategy, an individual person or family can be the beginning of something grand, a new way of life. Finally, it can also be argued that war lords and generals bring about the conquest and beginning of new territories as well as civilizations. It is commonplace that a single person starts a regime that changes an empire or even replaces an existing one. Liu Bang is an example of such. Although he had the influence of an existing ideology, he transformed his existing state as a peasant bandit and rose to become the emperor of the forged the Han Dynasty. Although individuals can record particular histories, it is not the case that an individual can create the histories of an entire
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