Millennials The Dumbest Generation Analysis

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Millennials are people born in the 1980s or 1990s, also known as members of Generation Y. By many, this generation is viewed as dumb, lazy, and incoherent. Despite all of these accusations, after reading numerous sources, it is evident that the claim that the under-thirty generation is the “dumbest” is inaccurate because Generation Y has to adapt to more things at a quicker pace, has a financial struggle that is almost unbearable for young adults, and has to compete with other ambitious job applicants for the same position. To begin, in “The Value of Millennials: That’s my generation” by Claire Whitley, it is inarguable that Millennials have to overcome and adapt to more unexpected changes and developments than generation X had to. Many…show more content…
“Millennials can see the economical firestorm that we are forced into straight out of college, which makes the post-collegiate job hunt all the more difficult” (Source 3).It is challenging enough to find a job that you can maintain throughout college that has reasonable pay, but it’s strenuous when you have to find one that can help you stay afloat during financially stressful times. Along with this, “tuition and fees 30 years ago, was a third of what tuition and fees are now for one semester, not accounting for inflation. In order to pay for school, students today would have to work just under 13,000 hours over four years at $7.25 an hour, and that doesn’t include cost of rent, food, bills, books, or school supplies” (Source 3). With this being said, it is irrefutable that generation Y is not “sickening,” “poor showing,” feebleminded, or lazy, but intelligent and responsible beings (Source 1) ( Source 2).In order for any student to complete college with this many obstacles in their way they have to be very accountable and bright. Also, despite completing college and surviving the financial stress of it all, “this doesn’t even account for finding a job where we can actually use the degrees we spent a small fortune on just so we could compete in the job market of today” (Source 3). As you can see, it is incontrovertible that the Millennials are indeed knowledgeable and determined people because unlike in generation x’s time when there was only 6 physicians and 4 lawyers in a single city, there are now hundreds of qualified physicians, lawyers, accountants, teachers, and marketers fighting tooth and nail to attain a permanent
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