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Miller TIG Welders Introduction What started in 1929 as a one-man operation, has grown into one of the planet’s biggest manufacturers of welding equipment – yes, it is “The power of Blue” – Miller welders. The best Miller TIG welders are created through innovation and in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard. The high standards of workmanship used at the plant through the dedicated and professional team at Miller have the effect that you are sure to purchase some of the best equipment on the market place. It will be impossible to review all their high quality products, so we will review three of the best Miller TIG welders available on the market today. Three Product Reviews AC/DC, TIG Welder, 150A at 16V, OVC 80 This single-phase TIG…show more content…
• The torch comes with a back cap to ensure safety standards are adhered to; • The welder includes a 12.5 foot TIG torch with a remote control and accessories; • A great feature of this welder is the DVD that is included standard with this welder as well as the TIG welding manual. Reviews rave about the fact that beginners can learn to weld with the DVD and manual that are included that makes the process easier. The machine does all the adjustments for you while you only have to focus on welding. Miller Syncrowave 250 DX TIG Welder This industry standard TIG welder is one of the best Miller TIG welders on the market as it has a proven track record with demanding applications. It has a robust industrial design and construction that will ensure a sturdy operational outcome for many years. Important features include: • It processes AC/DC TIG (GTAW), pulsed TIG (GTAW-P) and stick (SMAW). • Ideal for applications such as precision metal fabrication maintenance and repair light and heavy-duty manufacturing fabrication as well as pipe automotive vocational features for customized arc…show more content…
Most welding is conducted using a foot pedal and heat adjustment is usually allowed. How to Choose the Best TIG Welders Due to the fact that TIG welding is a highly precise process that hardly creates any spatter, it makes it ideal for DIY welding, automotive welding and other applications that require thin materials. Consider the following when choosing a TIG welder: • Amperage range plays an important role in deciding on the right TIG machine. One that provides the widest range possible at the best possible cost is usually a good starting point. A range from 5 – 230 Amps (115V – 230V) gives you the scope to work on a variety of thin metals. • Arc Stability below 10 Amps plays an important role in arc control, easier starting and a high-quality fill at the end of the weld. Arc stability is as important during welding as it is at start-up. • Machines with an AC/DC power source capability as AC power is ideal for metals like aluminum while DC power is ideal for harder materials like

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