Miller Vs Alabama Research Paper

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Miller V. Alabama The Facts One July 2003 night, Evan Miller a 14-year-old juvenile at the time; was together with a friend Colby Smith at Miller’s house (Oyez,n.d.). At the time, Miller was expecting a neighbor Cole Cannon to come by to ascertain a drug deal with Miller’s mother (Miller V. Alabama, 2012,p.1004).Miller and Smith then preceded to Cannon’s trailer to smoke marijuana while playing drinking games (Miller V. Alabama, 2012,p.676, 689). Once Cannon lost consciousness, Miller took the opportunity to steal Cannon’s wallet; successful, he shared the $300 he obtained with Smith (Miller V. Alabama, 2012,p.676,689). Then Miller tried to cover his tracks by replacing Cannon’s wallet (now empty) back into his pocket; while doing so Cannon regained consciousness and seized Miller at the neck and throat (Miller V. Alabama, 2012,p.676,689).…show more content…
Alabama, 2012,p.676,689). Miller, now freed from Smith’s assistance then proceeded to seize the bat and battered Cannon several times; over and over again with the bat in hand (Miller V. Alabama, 2012,p.676,689). Additionally, Miller covered Cannon’s head with a sheet while stating “I am God, I 've come to take your life" (p.676,689) and struck Cannon one last time with the bat (Miller V. Alabama, 2012). Miller and Smith left the scene fairly quickly but decided to return to Cannon’s trailer in an effort to conceal any and all evidence for their crimes (Miller V. Alabama, 2012,p.683,685,689). Once inside Cannon’s trailer, the two boys lit a few fires while Cannon was still inside; ultimately he died from his multiple injuries from Miller and Smith and also “smoke inhalation” (Oyez,
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