Miller's Essay: The Plastic Cow

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Miller essay has so many great important components. Miller viewpoint is excellent. Mainly what interested me the most was how Doaism became more united into mainstream Chinese society. Doaism comes off as some strict religion that is almost as if it is mandatory to be practice. I like the way that religion is important to china well at least rural china. The development of humans having a better interaction with the environment is also important aspect. Doaism is extremely important throughout the essay. Which is similar to The Plastic Cow documentary. The Plastic Cow documentary was based on religion showing how important religion is around India. Doaism is similar they want everyone to practice some form of it somehow. Similar things happen with religion in China just like it happen in India. For example the newer generation is not that much interested in religion and doesn’t want to exercise it. This quote had brought several thoughts “Student cannot simply ‘think’ their way into enlightenment, but must generally be guided by teachers and have their progress validated by religious community”. This sounds like being qualified for a grade or a job but it s…show more content…
China regular tradition only concern is humanity, earth and heaven. Religion in China somewhat brings they population together. “China develop religious leaders now form part of the central people political consultative conference”. This led a renewed understanding of religion from socio-cultural perspectives that ideological. I think the way that the religion benefits they society is a great thing also the things that Daoist is trying to do is amazing like plant trees and build forest or spreading ecological cultivation. This relates back to the Multispecies Studies Cultivating Arts of Attentiveness document “Life can not arise and be sustained in isolation”. By building a relationship with nature will benefit

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