Milligan Family Observation

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Wayne and Kelly have engaged well during the contact times and have missed no contact sessions. Wayne and Kelly usually arrive for contact well before the scheduled time. They also ensure they feed children during contact hours. Additionally, they interact well with the children and use praise while talking to the children. Although the parents use praise when talking to the children, I feel there is a lack of explanation on why they are being praised. Recently I have been giving the family feedback of how the contact sessions went with the ethos of improving the way they interact and support their children. Both Wayne and Kelly have shown their desire to improve the way they look after the children by carrying out given advice. Below, I summarise the observations for the Milligan family. The summary is based on the SHANARRI principles:…show more content…
As an example, when the family goes to the park, they inform the children how and when to cross the road. However, there are occasions I noticed that they take their time to intervene, especially when the children are engaging in risky behaviour. As an example, on one occasion, I saw Damien eating while lying on the floor. I immediately intervened and told him that he should sit up as he risked choking from the food he was eating. This was, however, an isolated incident. In the future, it would be ideal to continue advising Wayne to ensure that he knows the risks that might pose a danger to the children. Healthy: Kate told me that the health care needs of Damien are being looked into. Recently, I t has been agreed that Damien should be encouraged to use the bathroom during contact time to comply with the requests of the

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