Disney's Million Dollar Arm

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Based on a true story, "Million Dollar Arm" Disney follows JB Bernstein, a sports agent-time performance, which is now slicker bounded by larger competitors. He and his partner Aash have to close their business for good, when JB not to come up with something fast. Late at night, while you played the cricket on TV in India, JB comes up with an idea so radical that he might do well. Why not go there and find the next baseball pitching sensation? Departure to Mumbai with nothing but a talented but shrewish Scout in tow, JB staged a televised national competition entitled "Million Dollar Arm", where 40,000 hopefuls competing for two 18 finalists, Rinku and Dinesh emerge victorious. JB brings them back to the US to train with legendary coach Tom House launcher. The goal Or use signed to a major league-team boys. Not only himself hard to master the game, but committed life in the US with a bachelor makes things even more complicated, for each of them. While Rinku and Dinesh learn the finer points of baseball and American culture, which in turn JB teach the true meaning of teamwork and commitment. At the end What is something more and JB leads to the one thing he never found on the search for an entire family as a purely commercial enterprise. JB Bernstein sports…show more content…
Dinesh throw more than 80 miles per hour, while Rinku before throwing her pose, he had done with those rated higher than Dinesh again. Rinku and Dinesh won the first place is a close second. Dinesh uses his reward with his father to buy a new truck, but he said he did not need a new one. He told his father that he to America. Her father hugged him and said he knows Dinesh too proud. He joined JB and company before meeting with family Rinku, as they see it to be connected to a traditional ceremony, the JB and the other. Rinku mother weeping for her son, but JB promises that it will be supported and secure
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