Million Dollar Baby Essay

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The painting shows a human figure, screaming in despair. The man depicted in the sky. which is a blood-scarlet. Also generalized landscape background in present. Red, fiery hot sky covered with cold fjord, which in turn creates a fantastic shade, similar to a kind of sea monster. Voltage destroyed space, the line broke, the colours do not match, the prospect is destroyed. The unviability of the flat is only a bridge, which are characters of the film. He contrasted the chaos in which the world is immersed. Bridge- barrier separating man from nature. Protected civilization, people have forgotten how to feel, watch and hear. Two indifferent characters at the background, did not react to what is happening around, but underscore the tragedy of the story.…show more content…
In general, the story came to mind about the film ‘Million Dollar Baby’. The main concept of this film is that this film is not about the sport and not about boxing. This film is about life. Cruel, unjust, sometimes vile and filthy and how can cost a dream. The fact that we really are alone, so in addition we have no one themselves. And that in spite of all this, there is always a chance.
According to the second picture with similar idea and strong composition of box which is includes punching bag, clothes. However, all that subjects in the background there are won’t be used at all in life. Also, putting the main idea through both pictures strong connection between two pictures as first picture represents internal private feelings of human and it’s reminding me about this girl from the film. Very strong link connected between two works which shows the sides of brutal life of each human’s experience in it. As well as dramatic sounds in that notes of two compositions playing with strong sharp colours of life which getting through the heart and people will think more deeply and philosophical about real life and what’s going on around
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