1.1 People Are Living In John Milly's '

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1.1 People Are Living There is about poor white citizens living in a Johannesburg boarding house in 1968. This time period enhances the effect of the economic downfall in South Africa during and after apartheid. The poverty gives way to an old, run down, un-kept and slightly low classed woman who is the landlady of the boarding accommodation. The area is believed to be a poor area which attracts low income earners and people with lower standards of living. The characters face tough times as people with no or little education, stuck in a small apartment with very little to do and a lack of direction as to where to go in their lives. Each started out with their own goals and desires, but their dreams have faded with the disappointment of life.…show more content…
She has recently been cast aside by her long-term lover and the hurt and loneliness has a very visible effect on her due to how long she has been with him and trusted him. She asks Don and Shorty and Sissy to join her in her birthday party which she hopes will be a gesture of defiance to prove to herself that she too is alive and can have a good time. The others reluctantly agree. The party turns out to be an emotional outpour of Milly’s emotions after the break up. These however escalate when she links Alher’s comment on her not being able to bear children for him to her losing her youth. The deep phycology of her belief that her life has been wasted and she has lost time that she cannot regain. The break up starts a ripple effect of nostalgia, defeat, sadness and despair which leads to a deeper worry and realization of Milly. This is all due to this incident providing the first occasion of Milly having to face her true subconscious fears of not being youthful anymore and her life coming to an end. Due to the long term relationship she feels violated as she devoted do much of her time to this man. These two realizations provide connection which leads to the emotional monologue as she feels like her took precious time from her that she can never get back. Her intentions are therefore not fulfilled as instead of creating a happy environment where she refuses to fall victim to her ex-lover she ends up releasing the emotions of her deepest
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