Milo Enrique: A Short Story

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“Milo Enrique was a simple man. Simple of one thing: crime. He was the type of guy that you never wanted to be around. Everyone knew him and what he did. Those who’d get fed up with it disappeared soon-after. No one questioned who it was. He was cunning and slimy, that Milo Enrique,” Jack apprised the rest of the team in his scariest and most enigmatical tone. There was a snicker from the back of the yellow bus causing everyone to turn around. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard you say Jack; and that’s saying something!” the rest of the bus followed Mason’s lead; chuckling and cackling about Jack’s crazy claim. Even their coach and bus driver joined in, but for a different reason. Jack only got a glimpse of what was actually the bus driver smirking…show more content…
“Then what’s this?” He pointed at the approaching bus driver and said,”Push that tuning peg Milo.” The older man seemed to chuckle, and did just that causing a knife to come out from the end. There were gasps from the boys that could’ve been heard for miles. “You should’ve believed me,” Jack said crossing his arms as Coach Mendal strangled the first victim. One by one the boys dropped until Jack was the only one left. He laughed. “Thanks for showing I was right guys. Let’s get back on the bus.” He turned back towards the bus only to have the knife plunge into the skin between his ribs. He drew in a sharp breath and collapsed. “I don’t think so kid. Thanks for adding another victim to my story, especially before I was even born,” Milo said smirking down at the dying boy. Jack was confused so Coach Mendal cleared it up. “That bus traveled us back in time to 170 years ago. Have fun sleeping.” Coach Mendal and Milo laughed mischievously as they walked out. The last thing that Jack saw before he drifted off for the last time was Coach Mendal packing in the cave. That would save him a lot of bloodshed. But not all of it. His mom was going to have a
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