Milton Hershey: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

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Milton Hershey
“Who ever said ‘a kiss is just a kiss’ didn’t know of Milton Hershey”(Lancto). This is a quote by Milton Hershey who is the creator of the Hershey Kiss. Hershey was born on September 13 1857 in Derry township Pennsylvania. He was the only surviving child in his family. He dropped out of school at the age of 13, and then a year later he began apprenticing with a master confectioner. 4 years later he borrowed $150 from his aunt to open a candy shop. 5 years he had the shop, then he went and sold it and started the Lancaster Caramel Company(Milton Hershey Biography). For these reasons I believe that Milton Hershey was one of the most successful business man in the United States due to his successful candy company, his dedication
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Milton Hershey and his wife catherine could not have babies, so Hershey, being his generous self adopted 10 boys and bought 486 acres of farmland and made a school for them(Cadwell). Hershey said he “wanted the boys to have everything he lacked in his own childhood- a sense of security, stability, and education.” He consulted with experts and decided that every student should learn responsibility, and god. To this day the students at the Milton Hershey School still go to a “chapel” service where they have a lesson about responsibility and other social graces. As Hershey’s company grew so did the school, so when his wife died in 1915, Hershey gave his entire fortune, worth $60 million, to the school. In 1926 they started to admit girls, non orphan children with a limited income that are pre k- 12. They also have many different facilities. They have any type of sport stadium and field you can think of. The school also have an art museum. and a tv and radio station, performing gym for all those art people. They also have and environment and agriculture center where the students can learn and get qualified to be well farmers. Lastly they have a total of 120 group homes for their 2,000 students that go there. A successful candy company, dedication to his city, and a school for underprivileged students are what makes Milton Hershey the most influential businessman in the United States. Think, if Milton Hershey had not have gone to Switzerland, he would not have been able to make that chocolate, and do as good and he would not have been able to do all the generous things he did with his money and
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