Milton Hershey's Impact On Society

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If Milton Hershey had not lived, many youth and various families would not have the opportunities that they had. Milton Hershey affected his community, Pennsylvania, and American in a variety of ways. For example, he built the Milton Hershey school. This school is still operated and was established November 15, 1909. Another way Hershey impacted the lives of many was through building Hershey Park. The amusement park was established in 1907 and, like the school, is still in operation today. Hershey’s Chocolate also left a huge impact on the entire nation. This chocolate was innovating at the time and allowed more people to be able to afford chocolate and not just the wealthy. Milton Hershey’s legacy would later impact the lives of a great deal…show more content…
The Wildcat was also renovated in 1935. The Comet however in 1946 replaced the Wildcat. Comets twin Ferris Wheel, which was 66 feet high, was built in 1950 and in 1960 the Dry Gulch Railroad was installed. HersheyPark continued its success through the 1900s. In 1971 Hershey Park became one of America's most popular theme park. The per ride was replaced by one-price admission was also added. In 1973, Hersheypark opened a new open air theatre, the Amphitheatre. Later known as The Music Box was completely enclosed in 1979. On July 4th, 1977 one of America's first looping roller coaster and the first looping coaster on the east coast, The SooperDooperLooper was opened. The first steel inverted looping coaster in Pennsylvania. In the early 80s, the Cyclops, Pirate, Wave Swinger, Conestoga, and Rimmer Raffer were all built. The Canyon River Rapids were built in 1987, the Flying Falcon in 1990, and the Sidewinder roller coaster in 1991. Later, in may of 1994 the world's largest water plunge ride Tidal Force was built. The park also examined in that year by 90 acres. A…show more content…
In his town, Hershey built, homes, stores, churches, parks such at Hershey Park, a trolley, fire station, and The Milton School. The school was built in 1909, when Hershey was 52 years old. Him and his wife Catherine started this industrial school for orphaned boys. Hershey believed boys should know things such as farming, carpentry, mechanics, or others things they were interested in. When he built the school the boys worked hard and if they graduated they got $100 in new clothes and help finding a job. The school was founded with Hershey's money from his successful chocolate business. Unfortunately, he died in 1945 but he left his money to keep the school up and running! Today, that money would be worth $5 billion! Each year more than 1,300 kids go to the Milton Hershey school for education, career training, housing, clothing, meals, and health care. All of which are free. They accept kids of any religion as long as they are American citizens and their families are on low income. Unfortunately, the school gets more applications a year than they can accept. The students that attend the school lice in one of the 133 houses on campus with others their age. Their “house parents” give them a comfortable homelife. As a student, the kids go to chocolate school but, don't eat too much chocolate. MIlton Hershey once said, “If we had help 100 children, it would
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