Milton Larsen Case Summary

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Presented is Milton Larsen, a 84 year-old African American veteran who lives with his step-daughter Dina in a small home. Mr. Larsen’s bedroom is located in the basement, where he spends most of his time with his cat Snuggles. The objective data gathered from Milton Larsen’s case scenario is as followed: a medical diagnosis of hypertension and left knee osteoarthritis. He is prescribed metoprolol tartrate and spironolactone for his hypertension and he takes ibuprofen for aggravation of the left knee related to frequent trips to the upstairs bathroom. At a recent visit to his primary care physician Milton Larsen stated the following subjective data “Dina gets mad at my cat and takes it out on me.” Milton Larsen’s aging body will go through many physiologic changes, specifically the loss of elasticity in the connective tissue. Connective tissue affects many of the body organs through the normal aging process. In the case of Milton Larsen, he is diagnosed with hypertension and osteoarthritis, and both diseases can be associated with loss of elasticity in the connective tissue. Hypertension, termed the “silent killer” affects the cardiovascular system in many ways, with a notably, change in the arteries. The arteries loose elasticity causing a decrease…show more content…
Metoprolol tartrate is a beta-blocker that lowers blood pressure by inhibiting the hormone renin in the blood, thus lowering blood pressure. According to research treating hypertension in the African American race is difficult, therefore, a combination of medication is used. In the case of Mr. Larsen, he is treated with metoprolol, in addition with spironolactone, a diuretic commonly used with an antihypertensive to alter blood pressure. Alteration in blood pressure for a prolong time can decrease cardiac output causing damaged to the

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