Mimetic Criticism In Momo's The Men In Gray

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In order to know how literary criticism can be applied to the story of Momo, two of chapters from the story are chosen. Those are the time saving bank (chapter six) and the demonstration (chapter eight). The story of Momo is mainly discussed about time. At the beginning of the story, the relationship between Momo and people around her runs well. This condition changed after the emergence of The Men in Gray in the chapter six. The Men in Gray appear to people who have problem with time. Then they proposed the concept of time saving to overcome the problem. If we see from this case, we can apply the mimetic criticism to analyze the chapter six. In the literary criticism handout, Mimetic criticism defines as a critic that views the literary work…show more content…
We don 't want to tangle with a bunch of crooks just like that, do we ? If we provoke them, it may land Momo in trouble. I don 't mind so much about us, but we may endanger the children if we bring them into it too. We must think very carefully before we act." From the above utterance, we can see that Ende tries to convey his idea regarding Beppo hesitancy over Guido’s opinion. Ende depicts Beppo as a wise man that want Guido think before act. Ende describes Guido as the ambitious one. He depicts Guido as character that sure they can defeat The Men in Grey. In order to make the reader receive his idea, bellow utterances are written down:
“That night Guido dreamed he was being feted as one of the city 's saviours. He saw himself in a dress suit, Beppo in a smart tailcoat and Momo in a snow-white silk gown. The mayor draped gold chains around their necks and crowned them with laurel wreaths. Stirring music rang out, and the citizens honoured their deliverers with a torchlight procession longer and more impressive than any that had ever been seen before.”
"One thing 's certain, anyway," Guido pursued. "From now on we must stick together come hell or high water. We 've got to be careful, but we mustn 't get scared. All right, I 'll ask you again: Who 's

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