Mina Loy's The Man Who Was Almost A Man

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Modernism is sometimes be very difficult to understand because it can involve a huge variety of different categories such as symbolism, futurism and et cetera But, in this particular situation modernism is about changes in modern society in the form of literacy. There were two specific short stories or poem that I looked at. Those would be “The Man Who Was Almost A Man”(Wright 1939), and “Feminist Manifesto”(Loy 1914). Both of these poems have real modernism, but in a different way than each other. The short story “The Man Who Was Almost A Man”(Wright 1939) shows the shift in Dave’s human relations. Such as when the short story quotes “One of these days he was going to get a gun and practice shooting, then they couldn’t talk to him…show more content…
Loy says the “only method is absolute demolition”(Loy 1914, p. 1981). This is just saying that she wants changes to happen and if they don’t, then there will be consequences. She wants women's current rights vanish in society and new ones made. In this poem she claims “The only point at which the interests of the sexes merge– is the sexual embrace”(Loy 1914, p. 1982). This saying makes sexual intercourse mean less to nothing back then, but really it is a beautiful thing in our 21st century. The readers can see that the author is not afraid of change in society, through this quote given from page 1982. This writer makes it seem so harsh and she makes everyone misunderstand the meaning of sexual embracement of two people. But, she wasn’t try to make him seem so harsh; she was just trying to make a valid point. I feel that this poem is an act of rebellion, but at the same time a cry for help. The author is crying out “Women Equality,” but nobody is listening, which forces her to use acts of outbursts language. She just doesn’t want women to be seen as sex slaves, single parent in a marriage,
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