Mind Control In Jane Eyre

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From the Red Room to Rochester 's Haircut: Mind Control in Jane Eyre, written by Lakehead University professors Judith Leggatt and Christopher Parkes, it is suggested that the ending of Jane Eyre is far more empowering than usually interpreted by critics. The article is written convincingly and features various intriguing interpretations of Jane’s experiences in panoptic and carceral networks, exposure to tyrannical figures, and her imaginative connections to nature and general surroundings. Consequently, the journal concludes that Jane finds a perfect balance in Ferndean within the carceral network once she loses her ability to imagine a world outside of the network itself. Overall, the article is well presented and full of coherent examples from Jane Eyre and other secondary sources from different disciplines. For example, the main concept of the carceral network is a major argument in this article, and is defined clearly as “a structure that the individual continually encounters (...) within the regularly configured institutions of the carceral network, he or she is less able to slip outside the bounds of society and even less able to imagine…show more content…
The authors give credible examples in the article except for their claim that Helen Burns “longs to escape servitude in death” (173) due to Brocklehurst 's intense system. This claim is not supported with any evidence from the text, making it untrustworthy. A few pages later, it is explained that rebellion felt within the girls at Lowood “may have become almost completely internalized to the point where girls like Helen Burns convert their hatred of the school into self-loathing.” ( 176). Moreover, this example makes far more sense in regards to the text and argument, and should have been the only claim they used in regards to Helen Burns, as there is actual evidence to support it in the text. Otherwise, the article features great examples in relation to Jane 's constant encounter with tyrannical figures and panoptic

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