Mind Like A Lens-Personal Narrative Analysis

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Eyes Like a Shutter, Mind Like a Lens I never thought that a credit card sized image would mean so much to me. As a going away present, I received a brand new polaroid camera from my parents. At the moment, I was excited; but subconsciously terrified of moving away to school. It's not that I was afraid to live on my own, but rather the fact of having to make new friends and having them like me for who I truly was. Before my mom left she told me “Keep your mind open, and stay positive. This is your adventure.” I came to Channel Islands alone, so of course my situation seemed a little half empty. But little did I know how drastically different my life would be from here on out. I originally thought that my college experience would be like the movies. Sororities and frats, the freshman fifteen, endless studying, and sleepless nights. I also thought that I wouldn't make any new friends. Thankfully, that is not the life I live here at Channel Islands. Although there is a ton of work to get done every night, I find that I am happy here and meeting new people everyday. My photo was taken at the Santa Monica Pier. The previous day…show more content…
All three of us have a routine when we are at school. We eat together, study together, and watch movies together almost everyday. No matter what we are doing it’s always together. Now, I understand that college isn’t all about having fun all the time. It is also about studying and making those grades! But my friends positively influence my study habits as well. They encourage me to study rather than get distracted by other things such as my phone, internet, and procrastination. Just the other night Justin and Giselle were helping me with practice questions for my midterm. It was pretty great of them to help me because I got an A on the test. It was my hardest class by the way! I like the way we can have fun together but also encourage each other to stay focused on our
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