Mind Wave Robot Research Paper

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PG student,Department of ECE,SRM university

ABSTRACT People with motor disabilities are limited in the physical activities they can perform in their daily life due to certain constraints, such as not able to walk or move independently. Advances in cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging technologies have started to provide them with the ability to interface directly with the human brain which is termed as Brain Computer Interface. This ability is made possible through the use of EEG headset, known as Mind wave sensor. These sensors are a significant technological
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In traditional days, wheelchair is been operated using joystick,mouse or keyboard which proved to be effective only for healthy people. Providing a robot that would respect all constraints mentioned above is the ultimate goal of BCI. Brain computer Interface is a direct communication pathway between human brain and an external communication devices.BCIs sometimes called as Mind-machine Interface or Brain-Machine Interface. Basically there are two types of Brain Computer Interface techniques, invasive and noninvasive technique. In invasive technique the brain signals are recorded by an implanting electrode directly into cortex of brain. In noninvasive technique electrode placed on scalp of brain. Electroencephalography (EEG) is an example of non-invasive technique of detecting brain…show more content…
Thus the BCI proves to be the more hospitable technology for the disabled people to move around independently.The accuracy obtained is not cent percent,but still this technique is satisfactory due to its reasonable

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