Reflection On Mindful Awareness

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Mindful Awareness Reflection Journal 1. Acknowledge Describe your experience I am sitting in an SUV, driving at high speed for a long distance. The radio is chirping constantly with traffic from other responders. It is dusk which increases the difficulty and risk of the operation. I hear my sirens on what seems to be a never-ending repeat. I see my emergency lights reflect off of signs and vehicles. As it gets dark, I can see emergency lights cast their colors on the pavement, snow, and trees. A part of 8 has been caught in an avalanche while snowmobiling. I must drive over an hour at high speeds to get to the staging area. There will be numerous responders from various specialties. They will need me to save them if something goes wrong.…show more content…
My supervisor called and I choose to accept the assignment at a moment’s notice. I was busy; I had chores to do, homework to finish, and plans with my wife. This call for help will take several hours, perhaps all night, and will be very dangerous. I know that the victims need my help. The other responders trust me and may also need my expertise. I feel a sense of confidence and pride in my abilities and feel grateful for the trust that others have in me. I choose to show up calm and collected. I choose to put a smile on to comfort others. I choose to be grateful for the opportunity to serve. In the end, 1 of the 8 victims died. We recovered his body the following day. His 4-week-old, 3-year-old, and 5-year-old children lost their father. His young wife lost a companion. His parents lost a son and siblings lost a brother. I am keenly aware of my wife. I choose to cherish her more. 5. Mindful Meditation Experience (Mindful Practice) What did you notice about your meditation experience this week? I noticed that I was having a hard time focusing when starting the practice. As I got into it, I felt very relaxed and calm. I am going to schedule a set time for the exercise every day so that it becomes part of my routine. On days I work, I will need to do the exercise before work to ensure that I have to distractions and have adequate time. I am going to alternate between lying down and sitting
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