Mindfulness Approach To Wellness Essay

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The mindfulness approach to wellness has a vast application within the world of therapy. Its universal application allows for its benefits of calmness and understanding to arise in a diverse range of clients. The mind and body are strongly connected, and therapists who take a mindfulness approach encourage their clients to strengthen this connection. By knowing the brain health of a client, a therapist can utilize the mind body connection in virtually all forms of therapy to help the client address stress and come to terms with their feelings and emotions. The body’s reaction to stress is a fairly universal one. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system turn to the fight or flight response when under chronic emotional or physical …show more content…

This stress may be emotional or physical which leads to a decrease in the immune system and makes the client susceptible to illness and disease. Clients with chronic emotional stress would benefit greatly from a daily mindfulness practice. Meditation, yoga, or tai chi would allow the client to relax in the moment and reset their body’s homeostatic balance. The breathing techniques learned in these activities can also be applied to everyday stressful events. Over time, the client may learn to better control their stress load. Those with chronic stress would also benefit greatly from a mindfulness practice. Meditation encourages the client to focus on all feelings with a nonjudgmental attitude. It allows the client to focus on their chronic pain and learn to live in harmony with it. They are able to come to terms with their pain and live more freely. Positive thinking allows a client to change the way they view an event or action. A mindfulness approach to wellness encourages the client to take a nonjudgmental view of themselves. By taking a nonjudgmental view of themselves, it allows the client to see their actions in a different light. The client may experience a sense of weight lighted by not judging themselves negatively. Over time, the client may be able to apply positive thinking rather than nonjudgmental thinking to their thoughts and

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