Importance Of Mindfulness Essay

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As your child grows older and steps into mid-childhood there are lot of changes occurring which are exciting and even intimidating. Besides age related developmental concerns, tweens also face study related issues like subject difficulty, classwork, homework, social concerns like peer and parental pressures and expectations, and emotional ones like stress, restlessness, and anxiety. Their mind is busy and full of different things. Tweens may not know how to handle everything. Here, parents could play an important role by supporting their child − reenergize him and assist him in regaining an optimistic, proactive outlook. A great way to do that is to encourage your tween to practice mindfulness. Counseling Psychologist, Michelle Pereira assents “Like any practice of sports or study of math or communication it’s always good to introduce mindfulness at a young age.” This would enable your tween to exercise patience, tolerate frustration, and remain calm in challenging environments. In addition, “It will bring about a sense of stability, contentment and…show more content…
You, as a parent could practice a short mindfulness meditation technique on a daily or weekly basis. For example, Pereira says “I know of a client who sits with her husband and child in a short meditation every morning. She sometimes takes her child for a short mindful walk in the park.” Some other clients of Pereira engage their family in a mindful meal every week or have a mindful bed time practice. Also, being aware of the benefits of mindfulness, it is easier to encourage your tween to join you. However, do not be forceful about it. In fact, a research study about the effects of mindful parenting illustrated in the book Raising Happiness said that parents who practiced mindfulness enjoyed parenting. The findings also revealed that their children behaved well even if they didn’t practice
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