Swot Analysis Of Mindy Candy

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Fundamentals of entrepreneurship are a study about the foundation of how to manage, develop and organize a business. In entrepreneurship, it also includes of bear the risk in business and the allocation of resources like labor, capital and land to helps the business grow. Entrepreneurship is very important because it also includes decision making, innovative thinking and the ability of entrepreneurs to manage their business. For task 2 I have reviewed the business performance of Mindy Candy, with reference to its strength and the weakness. Also the plan of action taken to improve Mindy candy has been analysed. Analyzing Business Performance of Mindy Candy Business Performance Business performance is how business maintain their grow from the…show more content…
This will help the company to prioritize and strategize the innovation, done by the research department. Lack of experience - Not everybody is impassive to be a businessperson. Analyze the strength and weakness of starting own business. It is important for entrepreneurs to self-starters who are great at arranging, sorting out, and settling on choices that can advantage their business in the long term. It is also important to pick the right business, which may not be the most gainful, but rather the one in which have the most interest and ability sets. Network with other more experienced entrepreneurs online and in society to get feedback on how business can begin and keep up a successful enterprise. Insufficient capital – A lot of business people are not alert how much the business require to start-up capital. Explore more and arrangement ahead to identify areas where business may spot. Poor credit arrangement - A comprehensive business strategy will help reduce poor credit
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