Minecraft Short Story

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The Time I Got Minecraft And Started Playing It It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I woke up at 8:00 sharp. I changed into my most cool or snazzy looking clothing that I had. I rushed down stairs now with a spark in my mind. "Mom!" I yelled out loud, "I want to get Minecraft on the computer!" This idea came to me yesterday after school. "Ian, you should really get Minecraft on the computer." My friend Max explained while stuffing a bar in his mouth, "We can call each other and play together on servers." So I explained to my mom about what Max said like that we can play together. She thought it was a extremely great idea. I rushed down stairs with excitement. I ate a quick bowl of cereal in one minute. I needed to get this game, I said over…show more content…
So I completely closed the page and went to another interesting website to me. I couldn 't believe my eyes when I opened the page. It said that the game was free and all you needed was to download a app called Adobe Player. It sounded great to me. I rapidly clicked the mouse to download the app. It started downloading. Now, I was in a parade of joy. I told mom about it being free and you need to download that app. Well, she said the other computer has Adobe Player already on it. I stopped downloading the app, and closed the page. All in three seconds. So I sprinted to that computer that did have the Adobe Player. I opened up the internet to get Minecraft. But I clicked the Minecraft wiki page and accidentally clicked Buy For $29.99 button. I didn 't know I clicked it because it felt like it happened all in a flash. A brown screen that I guessed was dirt in minecraft popped up and asked for me to make an account. Well I just put random things and jotted the information on a orange sticky note. Minecraft opened up the way it was supposed too. I was actually happy that I got the minecraft that you needed buy it because the other one was one of those websites that try to steal your information and hack into
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