Minecraft Username Case Analysis

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What is your Minecraft Username?: TakeDabs

How old are you?: 14

What timezone Are you in?: I am in the Central Standard Timezone.

How long do you play on the server daily?: I can play the server 6-8 hours a day. C:

Have you got any experience?: Yes, I have loads of expirences being staff. I was staff on a server named HCFZone, I was the helper rank before the server shut down. Secondly I was staff on a server named HCClans I was the T-Moderator rank. Finally I was staff on RealHCF, Of course before the server shut down. (I was the administrator position)

How long have you played this server?: I 've played it for about 20 minutes. (Sorry for not playing long)

Why do you wish to be staff on PyreHCF: I wish to be staff for multiple reasons: The first reason I would like to start recording a staff series for my youtube channel. I have around 600
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Saying that, I am going to be speaking upon my own maturity. I do not make any sexual, racial, or disrespectful jokes to other players or staff members. Sometimes I like to play a joke, however I do think about the joke before I do it, therefore it will not be harmful to the server.
Another value I have is my confidence. If a persons confidence is down, prodicitivy is down. I always try to put my best effort into things, and try and try until I succeed. Most of the time I never give up and I will not stop until I achieve my goals.
My Values:
One of my most respected vaules after my maturity, is my patience. Patience is very important in being a great staff member. Patience is needed in certain situations or scenarios. For example, if a player is misunderstanding what you are saying, I do not give up, Until the player understands. Even if I have to go more and more in-depth until he
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