Minera Documentary Summary

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The documentary entitled “Minera” showed the life of the women miners in Benguet and how they are able to deal with this type of living. Mining is a work or an activity that is mostly related to men. Why? This is because mining requires a great effort and strength. Hence, strength and force is mostly affiliated with men. In mining, you need to work on mines for you to be able to obtain minerals, metals and jewels and this job is never too easy. However as the documentary presented, women miners are already existing on our society. This changes how we view women and our perception on them. This is one way of attesting that women can do the things that men can do and women can also be as strong as men. Reflecting on gender issues, I can say…show more content…
The documentary has provided us a better understanding of the features of the society. Before ending this paper, I just wanna relate the scenes in the documentary to Wright Mill's 3 fruits of Sociological Imagination. First is Man and Society. In the film, we can see how the women miners og Benguet have adapted to the changing features of the society. Likewise, we have seen the connection of the two. Second one is biography and history. The documentary has mentioned of the tradition or work as evident in their lineage. This may have been the cause why mining is still their major source of income. This is one example of why we should be aware of our history and roots. History and biography is always connected. Your history can explain your biography. That's why understanding your history can help you in grasping your present condition. Third is self and the world. This third fruit lies on the effects you have in the structure of society. Miners have a role to play in the changing patterns of our society. They contribute to the underlying social roles. Sociological Imagination has helped us understand the things around us. It has helped us go beyond our limitations and has been the vehicle for us to know our fundamental
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