The Importance Of Mineral Makeup

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The different minerals in makeup on durability are important because daily makeup users would like to know what minerals do the best job staying on for a more extended period. Makeup has several ingredients that are naturally mined and have been proven to keep makeup from deteriorating. Multiple trials will be held to test the effect of numerous minerals in makeup on its’ durability. While there are some differences in the purpose of each ingredient, they will ultimately show their differences in longevity. The various minerals that are unique to each product have many different purposes and will affect the product’s durability. Mineral makeup as a whole has very similar main ingredients. The common ones being titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.…show more content…
“Mica: This is mainly found in anti-ageing products as it acts as a filler to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.” Mica is mostly used in anti-aging makeup products since its meant to make a person’s wrinkles less noticeable. “Iron-oxides: This comes in an array of beautiful colours, which creates the pretty pigments used in mineral products.” Iron-oxides gives makeup the stunning colors it has. This article explains the jobs of these ingredients, which will be helpful in the experiment. In the future, people will be able to know exactly what each ingredient in their makeup is doing and why that ingredient is crucial to creating the perfect look. “One of the primary ingredients in mineral makeup, as well as in ordinary makeup, is titanium dioxide.” (White, 2011) The main product in mineral and regular makeup would be titanium dioxide, which is known for adding radiance and coverage to makeup. This is helpful to the experiment because it shows which ingredient will be primarily tested. This tells people that are allergic to titanium dioxide to not use makeup since there will be a lot of this ingredient in…show more content…
“...eye makeup--composed of the rare mineral laurionite--probably released nitric oxide from its lead salts and thereby protected her eyes against bacteria infection by boosting the immune system, researchers speculated.” (Nature Medicine, 2010, p. 145) Even in ancient times, different minerals were used for durability and health. Knowing that makeup is used by a huge chunk of the general public, studying this topic can help countless people in choosing the right products. The results of this experiment will show the different durability levels in different products due to the mineral composition. In the future, people could use this research and experiment to create longer-wearing makeup products and look for products with those specific minerals. The various minerals in the products have different purposes and will affect the durability of the

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