Minerv The Mirabal Sisters

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Minerva was the second oldest and the strongest of the Mirabal sisters. “She was always into her wrong and rights” and that’s why so many people (Mostly women) honor her till this day. Trujillo was a dictator of their country who never liked anyone to go against his word and if they did he’d kill them and make it seem like the person did it him or herself . When Minerva was a kid she always looked up to him until her friend from school told her stories showing the real him, and that’s when everything began to change. After she heard those stories she never looked at him the same she hated him...literally. One day she and her father had to go into questioning with Trujillo because they found Leo’s paper and they made a deal that if she rolled a high number he would send her to law school and she did so the deal was made and her father went to jail and when he was released he died from being tortured.When Minerva finished law school she was upset because she didn’t get her license to practice and she knew Trujillo had something to do with it so she came up with an idea to start a movement against him to help everyone get freedom and it worked but in a tragic way, her and her sister Mate were in this movement which caused both of them to go to jail.…show more content…
Since she was very religious she didn’t join the movement but she let them have the movement at her house and she was supposed to go to jail too but she didn’t because the SIM didn’t see her. When Minerva and Maria were in jail they had to separate because Minerva was being her old self and was still going against Trujillo’s word, and they stayed in there for 7 months, they were not eating like they used to they were just treating the women
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