Minerva Jones Analysis

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In Edgar Lee Masters’ poem “Minerva Jones,” he writes about a young lady named Minerva. I learned that Minerva is a fat, cock-eyed girl who gets made fun of by people on the streets. The people she is speaking about are “Butch” Weldy, Doctor Meyers, and some villagers. Some villagers, which she refers to as Yahoos, don’t seem to take much liking to Minerva because of her appearance. She spoke about Butch like if he hurt her in some way by using phrases such as “Captured me after a brutal hunt.” Lastly, her interaction with Dr.Meyers was him either saving her life or letting her die. Some of the things this lets us know about the poet’s view of small-town American culture and values is that he didn’t think America was all that great and that…show more content…
I learned that Butch is a strong, hard working man, I can also infer that he is from a lower-class. This person speaks about the Circuit Judge and Old Rhodes’ son. The judge is going to say whether he will get paid or not and Old Rhodes’ son is the guy who hired him. This lets us know that the poet doesn’t think America is fair to everyone like they make it seem. In Edgar Lee Masters’ poem “The Circuit Judge Roy Butler,” he wrote about a man who had a problem with his neighbor and went to solve it. I know that this speaker is a judge and was the judge at Butch Weldy’s court. His decision in court resulted in Butch not getting paid. It was an unfair trial. He learns that he was unfair, because the same thing happened to him, the court 's verdict was unfair and wrong to him. In Masters’ poem “John M. Church, Lawyer for the Mine,” the poet tells me that the speaker of the poem was an attorney for the “Q” and that he insured the owners of the mine. The other characters he refers to are Butch and the judge. He says that after death his heart is devoured by rats and a snake made a nest in his skull. I infer that this means he was a bad person and didn 't do much good when he was
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