Ming Dynasty Character Analysis

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“The things happened in Ming dynasty” is a famous network novel. Daily and humorous words make this history book not that sterile, indeed they also bring more students and novel lovers to read the book. The first main role Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of Ming dynasty, was once the younger son of a starving farmer. However, after a drought, all Mr Zhu’s parents and elder brother starved to death. With the pressure of the social situation, Zhu Yuanzhang was forced to go toward rebellions instead of living cozily. The power of emperor came to him finally which was closely related to his efforts. Meanwhile, the tremendous changes of his character after he got the power of military and emperor were unexpected. Primarily, after Zhu Yuanzhang…show more content…
Military is the symbol of the strength of a country or a group. With a intelligent military counsellor and an army that was good at fighting, Zhu Yuanzhang is strengthened enough to fight against Yuan army. And also he was a intelligent leader that tend to use the advantages of his army to overcome their weakness in the battle. For example, in the Chengdu battle, there was absolute disadvantage of his army in the number of soldier. After crafty arrangement, Zhu Yuanzhang changed this weakness into advantage: ambush. With the help of knowing well enemy commander’s character, the ambush processed successful. First, the prefectural governor of ZhuYuanzhang told the Yuan commander, they had decided to be amnestied and they would hold a ceremony in Changzhong harbor which was surrounded by huge mountains. Ambushed on the mountains instead of being amnestied was a slick strategy that fully utilized commander’s character. By contrast, monk Zhu never had such intelligence to deal with such…show more content…
At the beginning, monk Zhu was docile that he was even fear of quarreling with other monks in the temple, not to speak of violating or killing person. While held the power of military, Zhu Yuanzhang was grim to all his enemies, but he was well known for being intimate with his soldiers. Nevertheless, after getting the power of emperor, he became to suspect the most intimate generals: he was afraid of being killed by these generals and afraid that his position will be robed one day, so that he used all the excuses to kill his brave generals and just kept one military counsellor who was not able to fight against him. Zhu Yuanzhang showed the grimmest side when he decided to kill Li Shanchang who was his fellow-townsman, one of the founding secretaries and also the highest generals of his army during the rebellion. While Zhu Yuanzhang started to kill the founding secretaries and generals, Li Shanchang realized the danger of being prime minister, so that he resigned his work in palace and hided in downtown with his family. After Zhu Yuanzhang killed almost all the prime ministers, he came up with the old prime minister: Li Shanchang. With hesitating, Zhu Yuanzhang killed Li Shanchang who was faking mental illness at that time to avoid being killed. From this events, it is clear that with the power, Zhu Yuanzhang became inhuman just because of being fear of losing the power.

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