Mingo Culture Essay

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The Mingo were a highly developed culture and though displaced by Europeans, they have retained many of their customs and beliefs. This Native American tribe continues to show many aspects of its ancestry through daily practices and its religious and social structures even with European influence and displacement to reservations.
A part of everyday life for Mingo Indians was the clothes that they wore. The men of the tribe wore breechcloths with leggings, and the women of the tribe usually wore kilts, wore wraparound skirts, short leggings, and overdresses. Another part of the rich Mingo culture was the housing. “The Seneca Indians lived in villages of longhouses, which were large wood-frame buildings covered with sheets of elm bark,“ (Native
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Some Iroquois Indians moved to Pennsylvania in search for new land, and in 1750, Seneca Indians left their Iroquois homeland, and joined the Cayuga tribe in Ohio, where they later became the Mingo Indians. In 1774, while Chief Logan was on a hunting trip with his family, white settlers killed him. This was very tragic, because Chief Logan pretty much built the Mingo tribe, and now it will be even harder to retain their land, because Chief Logan can’t get them out of this. By 1760, the Seneca tribe traveled to Eastern Ohio, and by 1770 they moved to Central Ohio. “Captain William Crawford led an attack against an Ohio Seneca village on the Scioto River near what is now downtown Columbus,” (Douglas, Hurt R. "Mingo Indians." Ohio History Central). The Mingo later relocated to Oklahoma in the 19th century. “The nation had initially been assigned lands within the Cherokee Reservation in Oklahoma, and were later reassigned a joint reservation with the Shawnee, who had been forced to migrate to the same area.” (Douglas, Hurt R. "Mingo Indians." Ohio History Central). The Seneca tribe had many villages along the Sandusky River by the 1800’s. After the Civil War, the Ohio Seneca joined Seneca and Cayuga from Kansas to expand the Mingo tribe. “The Seneca, Cayuga and Ohio Seneca gained federal recognition as the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of
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