Mini Boot Camp Analysis

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“Say something!,” was the first thing I heard as I stepped onto the pavement at Fort Custer in Battle Creek, Michigan. It was screamed by an unordinarily huge man, my Drill Instructor. His hot, sticky breath spread across my face. “Aye sir!” was the only response I would be giving the next 2 days. I was attending a pool function called “Mini Boot Camp” with the Michigan United States Marines. They had requested 5 Drill Instructors from MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot) Parris Island to come train us for a weekend. As I stood there with rest of my platoon, listening to the Drill Instructors say that “We were the sorriest bunch of poolees they had ever seen in their life” , I thought to myself “Why did I join the United States Marine Corps?” We waked up in the morning to screaming DI’s and shuffled into formation. For the rest of the day we were performing for our Drill Instructors. We…show more content…
I learned that any obstacle you come by can be easily solved by hard work and determination. It may take long hours, and you may not have time for anything else but it will be worth it after you feel the satisfaction of completion. I also learned that not everything will be easy. You may encounter daunting challenges and still not be able to accomplish it perfectly, but it’s the persistence and desire to overcome that drives you forward. The most challenging part of boot camp some people may say is the physical training you endure, but I didn’t see it that way. Sure push ups sucked, but having to complete 100 push ups because my toothbrush wasn’t in the correct place was the most challenging task. To tell yourself you need to keep going and make the DIs happy was what pushed me. Coming out of Mini Boot Camp didn’t only prepare me for a military lifestyle, but it also prepared me to be a better student and to never quit on your goals and
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