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Mini Nutrition Assessment This paper is based on an assessment of a patient. The assessment underlines the nutritional health status of the patient, by indicating that he is malnourished. This patient has few chronic diseases including hypertension, pernicious anemia, and depression. The mini nutritional assessment finding, labs, and interventions will be further discussed. Mini Nutritional Assessment Findings According to the Mini Nutrition Assessment paper, patient M.L has a BMI of 18 which is less than 19. He has lost appetite since being diagnosed and eats twice daily. This patient does not consume a lot of fluid intakes nor does he include meat, fish, or poultry each day. He has severe depression, and both his total screening score and malnutrition indicator score listed him as malnourished. M.L can self-feed himself and is uncertain about his health status, (Shantelle, W., 2017). According to the patient’s chart, he is taking few hypertension pills and a pill of anxiety, and some PRN medications for pain, (Patient’s chart, 2017). These medications were administered to him as a student nursing…show more content…
Patients RDW, WBC, and platelets are high, (Patients chart, 2017). Labs Hgb Hct, MCV, and RBCs all relates to the red blood cells in the body. These tests are taken when patients come in complaining of dizziness, fatigue, and lack of food or fluid intakes for the past few days. These tests also amount for the total RBC cells within the body. The results of this test say if the patient is lacking few vitamins. It also identifies what type of disease the patient might have. For example, this patient has pernicious anemia which indicates problems with iron deficiency. Creatinine and BUN relates to the Kidneys and shows if the kidneys are still being able to filter or work properly. Low calcium indicates bone problem, hear failure, and problems with the kidneys, ((Pagana, K., Pagana, T.,

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