Mini-Pot-Belly Pig Research Paper

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How to step by step to the potty train your mini pot belly pig. Pigs should be easy to train, they are in the top ten smartest animals. They are also one of the cleanest animals. The first thing to do to train your mini pot belly pig would be to make sure it’s comfortable in its surroundings. Which means you need a lean dry place that can be easily pig proofed. Don’t let any paper products be in their reach.What I did with my pig was put her in the living room and keep a baby gate up for a couple weeks. Make sure to keep your pet in one room, the room you want them to go to the bathroom in. Training mini pot belly pigs takes a lot of time, and patients but it is worth the effort. Next you need to decide if you want to use a litterbox or a puppy pad. I chose the puppy pad and from experience, I can say if you use a puppy pad they pee so much it will run off the paper, or through the paper. If you choose the puppy pad, you should change the pee pad at least three times a day, because they drink a lot of water. We put a rug under it…show more content…
After maybe a week you can work on getting your pig down the stairs. Depending how heavy your pig is you might do something different, but how I started her was by picking Gummy up and putting her in the grass. Pigs love being outside. Gummy loves the sun and eating grass, because they love eating grass. Eating grass isn’t bad for it so don’t yell at them, because you might scare them and give them a bad experience. I let her play around for a hour following her to make sure she wouldn’t get lost. Then, I led her to the stairs, which she hates going on and gave her a cheerio, which is her favorite snack. Feeding pigs their favorite snacks is a great way to get them to go and do things you want them to do. Then held the cheerio up until she was up all five stairs. After you do that for a couple days a week, eventually the pig will learn to go up and down stairs by

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