Advantages And Disadvantages Of Holiday In Japan

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Recently life has been a little stressful. As a result, I have been complaining more and more about being here in Japan. I often talk about the pros and cons of being here, but the amount of complaining and frustration was becoming unbearable. To help, I made a goal to get out and explore something new. Just going on a bike ride made everything slightly better, but I knew I wanted to get out of the area with my boyfriend as well. Thus, we started planning a mini vacation.

We started by finding information about beaches and hotel nearby. During our search, we discovered a beach that required a ferry. However, we are not yet familiar with the local ferry and didn't have time to figure everything on our own. So unfortunately when we went to buy our tickets, the ferry was leaving in less than 30 minutes.

Once we decided that trying to get everything together for the ferry could not be done in time, we opted to make an adventurous trip to a closer beach called Hirado Beach. The only problem was that we couldn't make reservations for the hotel (Hotel Ranpu) online. Nevertheless, we packed everything up and headed for the beach. Surprisingly, the traffic wasn't terrible and the view during the ride was absolutely stunning!

The first thing we did was check the hotel for available rooms. After some confusion
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Although the twin room would probably be considered low quality when compared to traditional American hotels the room wasn't terrible. For the cost (it ended up being 12,300 yen or $117), we couldn't have asked for a better distance from the beach. Furthermore, the hotel price included access to an outdoor & indoor onsen (hot spring/Japanese style of taking a bath), breakfast (and possibly dinner), and Wi-Fi. The hotel also had a shopping area, an arcade, a couple of restaurants/pubs, a golf course, messages, etc. Overall, we were very pleased with the

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