Minimum Job Benefits

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Getting your job will be the best feeling ever to have and it will become an achievement in your life. There are so many perks into having a job, especially starting at a young age. In reality, it is really beneficial to at least have a job. A job that a person like the rest of us can build up skills, any skills that may help. Also, a good start to save money in the future, just in case anything happens when a crisis begins. For instance, a Computer Science student works in a grocery store, specifically in the Meat/Seafood Department. Now, you are probably wondering why a student that is studying about programming and other computer languages is currently working at a grocery store? Well, the reason why is that it helps this student to gain skills that can help increase memory, build up fast-pace, and other developmental skills for his/her career.…show more content…
Now it is good to have a job; regardlessly, it is about the pay rate. The jobs that I have listed before are paying their employees minimum wage. Which is between $7-$10, or less maybe, depending on the state that employees lives. Living and working for a minimum wage job is not a best way to live in. It is understandable of why they have to go through this because they have to make a few sacrifices to continue going forward. Some of the sacrifices are spending less with family and kids, lack of sleep, and other day-to-day lifestyles that people use to enjoy. What cause these sacrifices are that they have to get two jobs. But we need to help people that are working at jobs that pay minimum wage because if we can raise the minimum wage, there will be a lot of benefits. Those benefits are lifting people out of poverty, raise job growth and can reduce income, and reduce
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