Minimum Wage In The Workplace

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According to an article by Alexander Huls in Small Biz Ahead, paying more than minimum wage is good for business, and good for the workers. In the article, Huls quotes Rieva Lesonsky, author of Start Your Own Business stating, “If you are a business owner, you are trying to do business with everyone in the community… How you treat your employees is going to impact how people are going to think about you.” (Huls) Workers will discuss with family and friends how they feel a company is treating them and “word of mouth” in a community can be a positive or a negative advertisement for the firm. Therefore, when the community hears that a firm treats and pays its workers well, this will encourage the community to take their business to that…show more content…
Three (3) out of the four (4) people I spoke to were receiving above the minimum wage rate. While one person stated, “I’m barely above minimum wage, but I haven’t been at this company that long. I don’t have anything bad to say about the company to my friends and family, but that could change after I’ve been there a while if my pay doesn’t increase.” The other two (2) people I interviewed stated, “I make well above the minimum wage rate and I have nothing bad to say to my friends and family about the way I’m treated at work.” They also stated, “I think they pay a good wage for the job and they treat us good.” The last person I interviewed stated, “No, I’m making minimum wage and I tell my friends and family, the company I work for is too cheap to pay their workers what they deserve. They want every penny for themselves and pay their workers only what the government makes them pay.” (Wiregrass) In my opinion, firms who pay above the minimum wage rate are making a good business decision, not only for the company but also for the workers. When workers are valued as a business investment and they receive a good wage, the worker is happy and a happy worker is a productive worker. Furthermore, when a worker tells the other workers what a great company they work for, it entices them to apply for a job at that firm. This
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