Minimum Wage Issues

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Additionally, the United States currently holds laws and statutes that protect men and women against sexual harassment. India and Japan have also put in place similar guidance to help handle sexual harassment. These laws needed to be put into place because pregnant women and young mothers in Japan get harassed daily at the workplace. People harass these women to quit their jobs. Another example of an employment issue within Japan, is maternity harassment. Today, cultural limitations are still preventing women from being able to get jobs or start a career. Although globalization of women’s rights has changed in the last twenty years, there still is much advancement to be made. When evaluating international employment issues, minimum…show more content…
This issue stretches internationally across the world amongst a variety of different countries. For example, last year in Bangladesh, Garment workers rioted in the street blocking many roadways and even setting factories on fire in some cases all because they wanted a higher minimum wage, an increase to around $104.00 a month. Another example, Haitian workers recently undertook a walkout from a large amount of different apparel plants completely shutting down the country’s assembly sector for 2 days. This was all in effort to get a new minimum wage of $12.00 a day. This just goes to show that minimum wage issues are vastly different internationally. In the United States we are stressing for $10-$15 every hour of work. In one country they are stressing for $12.00 a day. In another country like Bangladesh, they are pushing for a whopping $100.00 a month. (Nolan, Hamilton - We Need an International Minimum Wage). When examining minimum wages internationally, Australia has the highest minimum wage amongst all other countries sitting at around $16.88 an hour, while Sierra Leone marks the list for one of the lowest minimum wage potentially sitting at around $0.03 an hour.
Recently, an idea was presented issuing Global Minimum Wage, or a worldwide minimum wage. As Thomas Palley states in his article, “sometimes it’s the most outlandish ideas that are the best.” I thought just maybe it seemed somewhat possible under the right conditions and set of standards. This crazy idea that “Palley” suggests is setting a minimum wage based on a fixed percent of 50% of each country’s median wage. Through proper implementation, this idea could not only affect many families and their lifestyles, there could be an extremely positive effect on poverty around the

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