Essay Against Minimum Wage

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After being first implemented in the U.S. in 1938, minimum wage has been a major discussion for several years. Should it exist? If so, how much should it be? Should it be the same for everyone? All of these questions are heavily debated, and many people have different points of views Minimum wage can have both positive and negative effects. The positives are that people who do not get a job that gives them a living wage can get enough money to provide for them and their families and no one could be underpaid. The negatives of minimum wage is when it increases, increases unemployment, it is not supposed to be a living wage, and it goes against free trade.
The first downfall of minimum wage is that it increases unemployment significantly. In an article by National Review writer Tim Kane, “It is Time to End the Federal Minimum Wage,” he gives some statistics regarding this topic. Countries such as Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, and Austria have a 4% better employment rates than their neighboring countries, according to a study at the
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A big debate is that you “Can not live off $7.25 an hour” but that is not the intended purpose. I understand that some people are very talented and that minimum wage jobs are just the beginning for them, but for the people who do not have such talents, that is the job they deserve. These type of jobs are stepping stones towards greater jobs in the workforce, not their final and main goal. Everyone has an opportunity to be successful, but that opportunity is not equal for everyone. A kid growing up in a poor single parent household, surrounded by drugs, guns, and crimes has a less chance to get a good job and support a family, than a rich child with two successful parents. However, with enough patience and hardwork, these people in the worst scenarios can find a job to support
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