Minimum Wage Problem

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Developing nations are really poor, such countries like China and India continue to live in extreme poverty. Extreme poverty is living on less than $1.90 a day, about 702 million people live in Extreme poverty. Kids have to go to work at an early age to help out their family. Thirteen is the median age for kids working in tobacco fields. In the US, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, In China, the minimum wage is $2.15 an hour and in Bangladesh, the minimum wage is $0.50 an hour. Someone might be thinking that thirteen is too young of an age and $0.50 cents is too little, that a law should prevent that, but this law is sometimes not enforced as it should be or is very weak. Americans are part of the problem too, have you ever seen a really nice shirt for like practically free? Here is why. Bangladesh the minimum wage is $0.50 an hour because they pay a low wage and gain a bigger profit. Nike used to utilize child labor, rock bottom wages, abusive condition, the customers boycotted Nike and now Nike is a place where you look up to it. American companies sometimes do not care about how the others company treats their workers and customers get things cheaper because they pay their workers…show more content…
We are barely paying our workers and we treat them like dirt. This happens and it makes some people wonder why other people are starving. There might be somebody that is hungry because taxes, rent, bills take up almost all their paychecks. You might be thinking that kids stop going to school and their parents do not care, that might be true. Kids, have to stop going to school to support their parents or they might not survive. Everyone in this world has experienced prejudice some people more than others. The next time you see homeless people in the street try not to think they might be a drug addict or an alcoholic, think about everything else that might have
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