Minimum Wage Should Be Increased

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What if the national minimum wage was raised to $15 an hour? There are many occupations right now that are paying $15 an hour or less and have a lot more hours and stress involved. So why should a minimum labor and minimum stress job have a salary at $15 an hour? The answer is it shouldn’t minimum skill should equal minimum wage. If someone wants to make more money they should alter careers to a more difficult job that will pay more money. The concept that the National minimum wage needs to be elevated to $15 an hour hasn’t been completely considered because it would cause inflation for the economy; therefore, the lower class would still be functioning in poverty. A minimum wage job is low paying because it requires low skill; therefore the…show more content…
Many of the minimum wage workers who had been functioning in poverty would still be functioning in poverty because the cost of living would be elevated too. In the past when the national minimum wage was raised there was virtually no effect to people living in poverty. Some people might say that the talk about higher minimum wage is sparking hope in the workers. If a worker has a chance to earn more wages then they will work better so that they do get that raise; however, more people will lose their jobs because not as many people will get to work if others are making higher wages. Those on the opposing side of this issue may say that there will be more buying and selling if the national minimum wage was raised to $15 an hour. But those statements are false because if the national minimum wage is increased at all then the cost of living will also be elevated so people functioning in poverty will still be in poverty and nothing will change except more people falling into poverty. The only people that raising the national minimum wage will benefit would be the teenagers who are just working to earn pocket
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