Minimum Wage Should Be Raised

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The minimum wage should be raised because the economy is healthy, some employers are already raising it for their workers, and many families cannot live on minimum wage. The minimum wage needs to be raised and now would be the best time to do it, due to the economy being healthy. But as some congress view it, the main concern is not on the raising of minimum wage, it is on health care and tax reforms. As of now three out of four Americans agree with raising the minimum wage. Statistics show the United States economy is expected to incline steadily over the next few years. So if the economy is growing why shouldn 't the minimum wage grow as well. If the economy is steadily growing more than likely prices will go up on items, which for people who work minimum wage jobs will not be able to afford anymore due to the price of the item. The minimum wage…show more content…
Living paycheck to paycheck doesn 't allow families to go out and buy other things that they want, they are only able to buy the necessities and sometimes aren 't available to do that. Families who are living on minimum wage may spend more time working trying to provide for their family than spending time for their family. By raising the minimum wage you would help millions of people who are currently earning $7.25, it would get many families out of poverty to help them live better lives and to better provide for their families. So in conclusion I believe that the minimum wage should be raised. The minimum wage should be raised due to having a healthy economy, according to statistics the economy should grow. Many employers are seeing their workers suffer from earning minimum wage, so the employers decide to raise the minimum wage themselves. The toughest thing is that many families cannot support a sustainable life while earning the current minimum wage of
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