Life As A Minimum Wage Worker

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Eryn Watkins Van Dyck Life as a Minimum Wage worker The minimum wage has been subjected to a lot of debate and argument throughout North America. Although the cost of living in the United States is generally higher, the move towards the $15 minimum wage has been rather slow. Canada is closer to providing a $15 minimum wage to most of its residents. In spite of this, there are huge currency differences between the Canadian Dollar and the US Dollar. Hence, offsetting the difference to virtually the same levels. In December 2017, numerous states and federal authorities announced a plan to raise the minimum wage. This was in response to the economic growth that occurred in 2017 under the current president. The minimum…show more content…
Roosevelt in 1938 in response to the Great Depression. The Great Depression was caused by corporate and capitalist greed that was not restricted in any way to protect Americans. Hence, it became a prelude to the abuse and misuse of labor as it arose from the Industrial Revolution, where the exploitation of workers was the norm, rather than the exception. Hence, the first minimum wage of $0.25 per hour introduced in 1938 was to create a basic cap to prevent employers from exploiting the working class. This was to ensure that Americans do not live in poverty, but rather, live according to the kind of wealth that abounds in…show more content…
This is considered to be nothing but a hoax. Managers and directors are able to gain so much remuneration and this increases all the time. In spite of this, a small increase in minimum wage is always kicked against. This shows a poor desire to deal with the real issue and challenge faced by many, only to honor the desires and greed of a few. Hence, it is apparent that if we want to increase minimum wage, we can do so. This is something that is a natural outcome of the economic growth that the United States is now enjoying. Clearly, there are going to be increases in revenue and profits throughout America. And if this is only restricted to a few, in top positions who get their salaries increased hundreds of times ahead of the ordinary worker who is doing a lot to keep a company going. In line with this, the small change in minimum wage is not helping and it is clearly not reflecting the fair and just distribution of money throughout the organization and teamwork is hurt by keeping the minimum wage low. It should be increased to force employers to do more to
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